About AuthPoint; Multi-Factor Authentication

About AuthPoint; Multi-Factor Authentication

Are you worried about cyber security attacks?

Passwords are no longer enough to protect user
accounts from the ever more sophisticated attacks.

Multi-factor authentication is an important weapon
in the protection of your user accounts. Authpoint
provides a centralised, managed approach to
account protection.

We discuss all about AuthPoint multi-factor authentication.

Today’s security landscape shows that using stolen credentials to
breach network resources is the number one tactic that hackers
use. In fact, 80% of data breaches involve stolen or weak
passwords as the main vulnerability. Multi-factor authentication
is the single most important security enhancement you need to
protect your business.

AuthPoint’s unique mobile DNA technology goes beyond
traditional 2-factor authentication (2FA) by incorporating
innovative ways to identify and protect.

Created by Watchguard, and managed by HB Tech, Authpoint is
simple for your team to use. Users can add their own third party
applications to Authpoint so that authentication for all work
based applications can be managed from the same place.

Install and activate WatchGuard’s AuthPoint app in seconds so
you can authenticate from your smartphone. It not only enables
speedy push-based authentication, but it also offers the pull
authentication feature for better usability and security

Three authentication options available:

1. Push messages with guaranteed delivery
2. One-time passwords (time-based)
3. Challenge/response QR codes

• Protection for hundreds of applications, including;

1. Microsoft Office 365
2. Windows Logins
3. Remote Desktop and Remoteapps
4. Watchguard VPN
5. Adobe Cloud, Xero, Paypal, Google, and other cloud
based services

• Authentication can be achieved using an app installed on
Android, or iPhones, or using a hard token;

• Users are centrally managed by HB Tech, so if a user
leaves, their MFA access can quickly be removed;

• Likewise HB Tech can easily move between devices if a
phone is replaced or upgraded.

AuthPoint multi-factor authentication helps keep your assets, information and user identities secure.  We help clients keep their businesses safe with multi-factor authentication.

To find out more about Authpoint multi-factor authentication, please get in contact

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