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N-Able RMM – Protecting your data and computer assets.

N-Able RMM – Protecting your data and computer assets.

Cyber Threats such as Malware, Ransomware and viruses are continuously evolving looking for any way possible to attack.  N-Able RMM enables better protection of your systems.

N-Able RMM is a web-based console that gives HB Tech the ability to manage the devices on your network. The software contributes to the protection of your data and the reliability of your computers.

What is N-Able RMM?

N-Able helps to bring computer networks and processes under control. With it, we can discover, manage, monitor, and fortify your entire network—all from its web-based console.

Using profiles, rules, and filters, HB Tech can preconfigure or update devices in bulk (even across multiple locations, including home workers). N-Able supports all your devices and allows us to deploy new applications across all users, whether located in the office, at home or anywhere the user has an internet connection.

Devices are automatically updated.

Not just Windows updates, but other common applications, including Adobe, JAVA, and Google Chrome. Patching applications reduces the risk of compromise and ransomware, therefore protecting your data.

HB Tech also monitors your computers for common issues such as expired warranties, low disk space, and over utilisation. The N-Able software is a powerful tool in the management and protection of your computer assets.

Product Features.

  • Direct access to computers using the Remote Control feature to provide instant support to users, with their permission;
  • Automatic patching of computers, including Windows updates, and 200 other popular applications to keep computers fully up to date;
  • Alerts of issues to stop small problems from becoming big problems;
  • Self-healing of computers with common issues to improve performance and reduce user downtime;
  • Remote deployment of applications to all, or groups of, user devices;
  • Complete asset list of computer hardware including all specifications, age, and warranty status;
  • Entire installed software list to ensure that all computers are only running the applications defined by your organisation.
  • Automated set up in server environments

For more information about how N-Able RMM will better protect your organisation, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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