Our Values


We believe that by applying our values, and investing in our employees and clients’ happiness, we all become collectively stronger.

Our mission is to provide exceptional IT support and insightful solutions so that every business has the opportunity to grow and be outstanding. We apply our values every day to ensure we achieve our mission.

“Our vision is to be the IT company
that every client recommends”

John Clough. Commercial Director at HBTech

Both HBTech and our clients benefit from our core values. Our values are clear and dictate our behaviours and above all, we live them every day!


Really listen and understand the customer.

Clearly document and agree actions, timescales and outcomes.

Checking back in with the customer that objectives have been achieved.

Driven by learning

Continuous personal development both skills and behaviours.

Always cognisant of continually improving both self and processes.

Knowledge sharing, guiding each other.


Work collaboratively and without judgement of others.

Appreciate differences and embrace.

Understand the value of difference perspectives and always seek the best solution.

Developing perfect partnerships with our clients is fundamental to achieving our mission. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and ensure we are constantly reviewing and improving to meet the needs of our clients.


Good quality, industry standard.


Quotes, proposals and invoices are all clear.

Key Focus

Strategy, security and communications.


We are Customer-centric, Driven by learning and Human-centered.

Our Team

Knowledgeable, helpful and able to respond.


We tailor our services to your unique business.

“I love that our values direct everything we do. From collaborating closely with clients, through to employee development, our values create a rewarding experience for our clients and employees alike”

Gemma Stevens, Marketing Manager at HBTech.

Making a difference

Part of our company philosophy is dedicated to making meaningful contributions to charitable causes. Our HBTech team actively dedicates their personal time to volunteer for charities, schools, children’s sports, and various community initiatives.

Committed to the environment.

We are dedicated to enhancing our sustainability efforts, and we are proud to have Lenovo as our primary hardware supplier. Lenovo boasts a strong climate and energy policy, along with certifications in ISO500001 and ISO14001. Lenovo is firmly committed to creating and producing environmentally conscious products that minimise environmental impact.