Managed Cyber Security


Strong cyber security strategy helps defend your business against cyber threats.

50% of businesses and 32% of charities identified cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months

(Cyber security breaches survey 2024, department for science, innovation & technology) 

Any size organisation can be a target for cyber-crime and the impact on your business operations can be significant.  Cyber threats can endanger your business in numerous ways, making dependable and efficient IT security solutions essential. 

Proactively protecting your organisation from the latest cyber threats.

We believe that being proactive when it comes to cyber security is critical. Our cyber security services help protect your business from potentially catastrophic viruses, malware and ransomware. 

We implement tailored safeguards for your business to help shield you from the latest cyber security threats.  Additionally, our team can offer comprehensive cyber awareness training to your staff, empowering them to identify and effectively respond to these potential dangers. 

Securing your IT systems.

Organisations of all types and sizes face daily cyber security threats and those relying solely on desktop antivirus for protection significantly underestimate the danger posed in today’s environment. 

In addition to anti-virus protection our cyber security services provide the latest strategies for defence including; Multi-Factor Authentication, Encryption of hardware, Gateway Firewalls and Phishing tests on staff. 

Most importantly we offer the greatest protection that your organisation can have; knowledge. Wherever your employees are working, our friendly and professional team are continually on hand to provide the expert advice you need to defend your business. 

“If you don’t have the right cyber security you risk someone else
damaging your successful business”

Hayden Cook, Network Engineer at HBTech

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide employee training on cyber security?

Yes. Given the prevalence of phishing attacks in the UK, our security awareness training is valuable. Our program helps reduce insider threats through engaging training course managed via intelligent automation, ensuring your team is well-equipped to tackle cyber security challenges.

Why is cyber security important?

Amidst significant rises in phishing and ransomware attacks from abroad, Cyber Security plays a vital role. Beyond immediate financial losses, such attacks can disrupt business operations. By prioritising cyber security, your organisation is better protected, ensuring continuity and defence against potential harm caused by cyber threats.

Who needs cyber security?

Cyber security is crucial for organisations of all sizes as it safeguards computer systems, networks, and programs against malicious attacks. It shields businesses from cyberattacks that aim to access, alter, or destroy sensitive data, exploit finances, or disrupt normal business operations.

What are the common types of cyber threats and attacks?

The primary cyber threats are Malware and Phishing. Malware comprises malicious software like viruses and ransomware, aiming to harm or disable computer systems. Phishing, a form of social engineering, tricks users into disclosing sensitive data by posing as trustworthy entities.

Do you offer proactive monitoring and threat detection services?

Yes. These services are important as they proactively prevent attacks, reducing damage and financial impacts. Moreover, they safeguard sensitive information, ensuring robust cyber security measures.

How can I protect my business from cyber-attacks?

The best cyber protection for your business is a fully integrated cyber security strategy, which HBTech can provide.

Customer Feedback

“All the team at HB Tech have been a pleasure to work with over the past few months and I know that all our guys can’t speak highly enough about how helpful and professional you all are…That’s why I/we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend HB Tech at every given opportunity.  Keep up the great work!”

Abbey Office Solutions, Southampton. Wayne Loon, Managing Director

“The whole team at HB Tech are brilliant – so approachable and accommodating of my tech skills (or lack of them!)”

Yellow Brick Road Projects, Winchester. Abi Facey, COO

“We had a connection issue which was becoming a huge worry but HB Tech came to the rescue. We can’t thank them all enough for their hard work trying to work out our connection issues as now sorted. Was a bit of a worry but thankfully all sorted now”

Air Improve, Winchester. Julie Millar, Office Manager

“You are always so responsive and have a great ‘can do’ approach to everything. I don’t think there’s anything you haven’t been able to resolve effectively and efficiently. Thank you.”

Citizens Advice Guildford and Ash, Aldershot. Riz Mohammed, Admin Officer

“We have worked with HB Tech for several years now and thoroughly recommend them!  The service we receive is excellent with solutions tailored to our business.   Any requests we have are carried out efficiently and professionally”

Plane Talking Products, Southampton. Jemma Moore, Account Executive

“HB Tech is a professional company that delivers a range of services. From my past experiences dealing with HB Tech experts, they proved to be knowledgeable, efficient, always willing to help and really friendly. It is always a pleasure to work with the company that knows what they are doing in various situations”

Green Snow, Romsey. Margarita Raquet

“HB Tech have supported our growing accountancy practice over the last few years.  We find the level of service exceptionally high quality and responsive.  The whole team are both friendly and professional and go over and beyond to meet our needs.  Thanks to all the team!. We highly recommend!’’

Clear Vision Financial Management Ltd, Romsey. Sean Daniel, Managing Director

“It’s always a pleasure to speak to Josh! He is not only professional and friendly, but has lots of unerring patience when it comes to changing my password each month. I completely recommend HB Tech to anyone who wants to work with an IT team who are responsive and efficient, but also approachable’’

Berkeley Bate Ltd, Chartered Accountants, Salisbury. Janet Bush, Practice Manager

“HB tech have supported us for the last 5 years as we have grown from a small – medium charity. They provide very good value, high quality and responsive support as well as strategic advice to ensure that we have the right IT set up to support our growth. Would definitely recommend them!’’

Nicola Hill, London. The Bike Project, Head of Operations

“I have contacted HB Tech on several occasions and have always had a polite and friendly service.  Josh is always very helpful, especially when I had an application update issue.  He did not give up until he had resolved the situation. He asked me to keep my laptop running and I noted he kept reviewing the progress well into the evening. He kept me updated throughout which was great as I was not left wondering what was happening’’

Breathe Safety Ltd, Dorset. Norma Lingley, Credit Control

“It’s a pleasure working with HB Tech. Whenever we have any issues, they are fixed instantly, and the team go over and above to help. Always a brilliant and cheerful service! Thanks to all the team’’

J Chandler and Company (Buckfast) Limited, Andover. Mark Shergold

“We have used HB Tech as our IT support for the last 20 years. They are always honest and quick to resolve issues, which having following their advice, over the years, are few.  The team are fantastic and we thoroughly recommend them’’

LED Synergy (Displays) Ltd, Andover. Jeremy Harwood, Director

“Always very helpful, responsive and easy to deal with. One less thing to worry about when you know you can rely on them to sort any IT issues you may have.  HB Tech are professional and offer a quality service at competitive prices. Would recommend them to anyone!’’

GCF Ltd, Southampton. Les Browning, Managing Director

“HB Tech look after all things ‘computer’ for us and we always receive great customer service. Really helpful, friendly bunch!’’

Sunnycroft Care Home, Southampton. Janine Charman, Business Manager

“We have been clients of HB Tech for many years now and have always found the team very responsive when we have issues. Which is probably the main reason we signed up for their support in the first place. Not being very IT savvy, particularly as systems become ever more complicated, this is reassuring when we are running a business which is so reliant on technology.  We now have great relationships with many of the team and feel that they understand our needs. We know they are only a phone call away and they will be ready to help us’’

Complete, Romsey. Sarah Watkins, Director

“Since I have been dealing with HB Tech, I have found them to be thoroughly professional and a real pleasure to deal with. They are very responsive to any questions and provide excellent support if we experience any issues. It is reassuring to me that the company that is looking after our IT are extremely knowledgeable and can provide answers very quickly to any problems as and when they arise’’

Andrew & Andrew Solicitors, Portsmouth. Steve Lewsey, Practice Manager

“Highly recommend this company, very responsive and helpful!’’

HeatComp Ltd, Southampton. Laura Pike, Business Administrator

“Great friendly team. Always respond and would highly recommend for small to medium businesses like us’’

Artspace Interior Design Ltd, Andover. Katie Garwood, Office Manager

“The staff are always helpful and bend over backwards to assist. As a company it is critical that our systems are running smoothly and we feel we are in safe hands’’

Unity (Southern) Ltd, Andover. Terry Bishop, Chief Executive
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The nature of cyber attacks have changed; out of the attacks
experienced 84% are Phishing attacks!

(Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2024, Department for science, innovation & technology.

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