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Creativity and Superheroes! – Our Innovation Masterclass with a difference!

Creativity and Superheroes! – Our Innovation Masterclass with a difference!

Well, our guests are ready to take on their inner creative superhero journey! What a brilliant event! Our Innovation Masterclass ‘Think Again!, Release your inner creative superhero!’ heard Dr David Hall share his insight and knowledge on how to achieve success by boosting the creativity back into your business!

Guests from all over Hampshire enjoyed a workshop buzzing with techniques to remove the barriers to creative thinking to unleash innovative ideas for their business!

Topics included:

  • How we get trapped in ‘more of the same’ thinking.
  • Creativity and Innovation: the strategic benefits to your business
  • Insight into the mental blocks to creative thinking
  • Practical technical to overcome those blocks
  • How to unlock your team’s creativity

The seminar shared how to develop breakthrough thinking to simulate growth, increase profit or solve that business issue which just won’t go away!

Great team work! John Clough Carol Evans Gemma Stevens Billy Wyatt

About Dr David Hall.

“David left corporate comfort in 2011 to establish The Ideas Centre Ltd, to pursue his passion for business transformation through the release of individual potential. A highly engaged and inspirational speaker, he coaches businesses of all types to unblock ‘breakthrough thinking’, introducing an ‘ideas culture’ that drives the innovation process. Having experienced 25 years in Board Level leadership in a range of sectors, his practical approaches to creativity and innovation are geared to embedding systematic approaches within the organisation.”

Prior to the Ideas Centre, David was CEO of HFL Sport Science Ltd, a drug surveillance and contract research organisation based in Newmarket. More generally – since 1984 he has held leadership positions in a range of sectors (oil & gas, scientific instrumentation, contract electronics). Creativity, innovation, and a pursuit of the perfect culture provide a common thread throughout his career to date”

About ‘The Ideas Centre’.

“Rather than doing it to an organisation, our core philosophy is to do it with the organisation, to progressively allow them to do it for themselves, to embed the process.

The Ideas Centre provides organisations of all types (private sector, public sector, charities, small and large) with the ability to challenge the traditional thinking that traps them within the world of “more of the same”. We run in-house sessions and train individuals to facilitate hands-on through local Ideas Centre workshops, introducing problem-solving techniques that develop Breakthrough Thinking, allowing organisations to actively find creative solutions and proactively drive innovation.

Thinking will be challenged, stretched, provoked, stimulated by techniques that take even the most conventional, left brain, hard-line problem solvers through step-by-step instruction that will release fresh insights, creative solutions, and take control of the innovation process”