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Enable your employees to be amazing with Microsoft 365!

Enable your employees to be amazing with Microsoft 365!

For your business to succeed it is vital you get the very best out of your employees.  We regularly get asked about IT solutions to help boost productivity in the workplace. Along with ensuring your receiving exceptional IT support it is important to utilise the many features offered from Microsoft 365 to increase productivity.

Enhance employee productivity with Microsoft 365. Features include;

Easy Collaboration

Microsoft 365 offers an easy to use suite of collaborative programs available for both online and offline environment. A prime example of this is SharePoint. SharePoint allows employees to easily share files and collaborate on a single file in real-time. SharePoint Online emphasises this fact even more. With the use of multiple sites, robust security groups and refined access control, SharePoint Online allows for easy collaboration with external users and contractors. Meaning you don’t have to allow external companies access to your entire network just to collaborate on a single project.

Instant Communication

If you wanted to notify a colleague of a change you’ve made on SharePoint, sending an email may not be the most efficient method, instead you can use Teams – a fully cloud-based instant messaging service. Teams integrates seamlessly into the Microsoft 365 suite, allowing users to instantly share SharePoint and files, add meetings into Outlook calendars and more. And like all Microsoft 365 apps, Teams can be refined to meet your security needs.

Access Anywhere

With the ever-evolving complexity in user requirements, an on-premise solution may not always be the best solution. If many users work remotely or if there is a need for collaborating with external sources, don’t unnecessarily expose your network to vulnerabilities out of your control. With Microsoft 365’s heavy reliance on cloud services, users are able to access and share their required company files without the need for VPN links and complex infrastructure. Let Microsoft handle the heavy lifting for you! With a wide geographical infrastructure and heavy push towards cloud services, Microsoft guarantees a 99% uptime. Meaning you can relax about server management and costs.

Microsoft 365 improves productivity and revolutionises the workplace, allowing your business to thrive.  As Microsoft Silver partners and experts in Microsoft 365 let us help you get the most out of Microsoft 365. Contact us

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