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Making IT Amazing – Digital Book

Making IT Amazing – Digital Book

IT should give every organisation the opportunity to be amazing. So why do we have the paradox that instead of improving agility and cohesion, ‘enabling’ better and more flexible working patterns, the opposite can be the case with IT investment?

Why is it that instead of better information flow, for example, access to relevant data becomes ever more complex, customer relationships become strained, while any expected reduction in the operational costs fail to materialise.

The implications are increased vulnerability, as well as an impact on effectiveness, and increased difficulty in remaining competitive and being on the same wavelength as their customers.

In the report researched and written by Decision magazine on our behalf, various companies considered what they need to address if IT would be to deliver key objectives.

We have now shared all the interviews which were carried out to form part of this ‘Making IT Amazing’ research report. The research report was a longer process than we anticipated due to lots of delays along the way with Covid19, but nevertheless, it was an exciting and successful project.

We have been able to meet and hear the experiences of so many brilliant business owners and learn how they have integrated technology into their business to give a competitive advantage and achieve success. We are now pleased to share with you the full Digital Book!

Visit the ‘Making IT Amazing‘ section on our website where you have the opportunity to also view the digital book and view or download each of the individual interviews.

Too often IT is sometimes just treated as a mechanism to allow a business to function.  Whereas it should also be something considered at the board level for every business decision; continually asking how it can really develop the business and make it more innovative and competitive.

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