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Why HB Tech? Interview with Carol Evans – ‘Head of Amazing’

Why HB Tech? Interview with Carol Evans – ‘Head of Amazing’

Here at HB Tech we are really pleased to have welcomed Carol Evans to our team as our ‘Head of Amazing’. Read below Carols interview on why she feels HB Tech is the perfect fit.

‘Most of my career has been spent in the IT industry, the roles I held were typically always people related. This meant a transition into Leadership Development was a pretty natural step. Having done that for a while now I find myself back in the IT industry working with HB Tech as their ‘Head of Amazing’. And what an Amazing role it is! My sole purpose is to make our already amazing people even more amazing. What a great role! But how did it all come about?

Back in 2015 when I was still working for a Leadership Development Consultancy, I met up with John Clough who I had worked with previously some years back. He told me he had started his own technology company and he shared some of his plans and his vision for his company. My response at the time was that we were not unhappy with our current provider, however, we would keep him in mind when our contract renewal came around. That was that.

In January of 2016 we were moving our offices, so we contacted our IT support provider to ask for some assistance with our office move. Their response was “we don’t do office moves”! I asked the question that given they were effectively our outsourced IT department what were we to do? No answer was forthcoming.

So, what did we do? I contacted John at HB Tech, explained the situation and he and the team jumped into action and moved us from our old offices to the new ones, seamlessly, efficiently, and professionally. Needless to say, they also were awarded the IT support contract too.

When you are a small company with no in-house IT expertise, you have to know that you have a team of people there to support you when needed. This is what HB Tech is all about.

Having worked with John, Trevor and the team as a client and latterly as an external advisor, when the opportunity to join the team in an executive capacity came up, it seemed like a natural fit and I have to say it feels like I am meant to be here. (I don’t know what the rest of the team might say though! )
So, why HB Tech? Because we are an amazing group of people who want to deliver a fantastic service to an amazing collection of clients. We may not always get it right, but we strive to deliver our best every single day. We want to be the IT company that our clients recommend.

If you feel we can help you and your company with office moves, IT supply or support then please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you. If you would like to chat about my experience as a client I would be delighted to come and chat to you. My email is ‘ Our Team Contact  

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