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Celebrating 100 clients!

Celebrating 100 clients!

We’re all feeling super happy today!

Celebrating reaching 100 clients! ❤ And enjoying cake!

We are exceptionally proud of our amazing HB Team whose dedication and hard work achieved this fantastic milestone.

But equally, we feel extremely lucky to have such lovely clients who we enjoy working with and who have become friends. Here’s to great partnerships!

When John Clough started HB Tech, his dream was always to have an IT company which places the human aspect at the heart of the business. The overall business direction has been based on the understanding that perfect client partnerships are vital for achieving mutual success.

This vision has built the business growth to date, but most notably achieved a client base growth of 30% since 2020. A very respectable growth in such uncertain market times!

Asking John, what makes a perfect client partnership? he said, “first and foremost, Trust – and doing what you say you will do, when you say you will do it! Our clients all have their own specific requirements and business objectives, and we enjoy supporting them with this. Our clients have become friends, and we love working with them”.

So, what has it taken to get to the 100-client milestone? Carol Evans, Head of Amazing, said “hard work, but most importantly, it’s been about having the right people who share our vision and taking them on the journey with us”.

Trevor Thorn, Technical Director said, “we pride ourselves on ensuring we thoroughly understand our clients! Not just their business set-up, but also all the individuals within the business and how they like to work. This is fundamental when delivering helpdesk support, which is just as much human in nature as it is technical”.

Asking John what his proudest moment has been through HB Tech’s journey so far, he said, “getting that first customer and being reassured, you know what, people do want to work with us, and we can do this! Right through to customer 100 and reflecting on the importance of having amazing employees and our client-focused approach!”.

So, what are HB Tech’s aspirations for the future? John said, “we do have future growth plans, but most importantly we want to keep focusing on our existing client partnerships and providing them with the highest level of support. We look forward to working with our clients for years to come!”.

To all our amazing employees – thank you! – This would not have been possible without you.

To all our clients – thank you! We love working with you!

Providing businesses across Hampshire and Dorset with exceptional IT support, we’re here to ensure that you get the support you need, when you need it.

Speak to a member of the team today, we’d love to hear from you.