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Day in the life of Abi at university

Day in the life of Abi at university

We HB Tech believe everyone should have the opportunity to be amazing at work and this belief we even project into our employee development. 

HB Tech has invested in me and I am part way through BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions at Solent University. I spend one day a week at uni and the other four days at work. It’s slightly different to a normal degree as we don’t do as many modules each semester but do more modules over the summer.

At the moment, we are doing two modules, Routing and Switching and Systems Analysis and Design (SAD). Routing and Switching is about connecting computers and networks together, creating VLANs, access control lists and configuring security on network devices. We work in the networking labs that are equipped with Cisco routers and switches. They also have servers which we can run virtual machines on so that we aren’t working on the uni network. We also have the option to work in Packet Tracer which allows us to simulate and configure the networks without being able to break anything! I enjoy this unit as it is very interesting and relevant to my work.

SAD is about taking key business support systems and analysing them to see what could be improved or what would be required from a new system. We use tools such as the Joiner Triangle, eTOM, data flow diagrams. As part of this unit we will have a work-based project in which we will analyse a system using the methods we have learnt and create a report with suggested improvements. I will be looking at implementing some data loss prevention software, looking at their requirements, how they work as a business and then creating policies needed to prevent data being leaked without effecting their work.

The other units I have completed are Cyber Security Essentials, Problem Solving Through Programming, Introduction to Networks and Introduction to Databases.

I’m enjoying learning whilst working as it allows me to put the theory I have learn at uni in to practise on live systems. It also improves my wider knowledge, helping me to troubleshoot problems quicker and help our clients.

Employee development is vital to allow people to be amazing at work.  We look for amazing people that fit into our company culture and deliver our objectives.  If this sounds of interest to you please look at our Careers page and we would love to hear from you.