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Supporting ‘Trinity’s Christmas Stocking Appeal

Supporting ‘Trinity’s Christmas Stocking Appeal

This Christmas we were pleased to support Trinity Winchester ‘Christmas Stocking Appeal’! We took the decision to support this amazing charity instead of sending Christmas cards.

Christmas can be one of the hardest times of year for someone facing homelessness, particularly this year! Trinity’s philosophy is that ‘everyone deserves something for Christmas’ and a small stocking of gifts could make a significant difference to someone facing homelessness, helping give them the gift of hope.

Trinity Winchester is a local charity based in Hampshire, who do wonderful work providing ‘practical and emotional support to over 650 people each year who are experiencing the effects of homelessness or vulnerability’.

Here is a little more about this inspiring charity;

‘Trinity are a Winchester-based charity which addresses the effects of homelessness and vulnerability through specialist practical and emotional support, and proactive prevention, empowering positive change.

They help people who are vulnerable to the effects of homelessness, addiction, physical and mental ill health, poverty, social isolation and domestic abuse. They offer solutions, hope, choice and control.

From humble beginnings, Trinity has grown into a respected and skilful organisation helping people to improve their lives. They provide vital practical and emotional support to over 600 people each year who are experiencing the effects of homelessness or vulnerability.

Their dedicated Women’s Service sees around 150 women each year. They support them to make positive change to their lives and in many cases break free from the damaging cycle of domestic abuse.

They aim to support individuals to change their situation and aspire towards positive fulfilling futures’

Donations to Trinity are crucial in helping them to continue to provide services completely free of charge to the most vulnerable in Winchester.

If you wish to find out more about the fantastic work Trinity carries out or to donate, you can via this link: Find out about Trinity

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