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Want to know what it’s like to be an IT Apprentice? Meet Thomas!

Want to know what it’s like to be an IT Apprentice? Meet Thomas!

Thomas started his journey with HB Tech in 2018 joining as a Network Engineer Apprentice, a role that combines gaining IT experience and achieving a qualification. Since Thomas started with HB Tech, he has become a valued member of the team and has developed immensely in his role.

Asked what does your role at HB Tech involve? Thomas said ‘my time is split between working on the client IT support side where I help with day-to-day issues, to the other side where I focus on specialised areas including Office 365, Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud services.  I am currently managing and installing all of this for our customers. I especially enjoy the Office 365 area of my role in which I hold meetings with clients, assessing what they need and tailoring a solution’’

When considering what it’s like to work for HB Tech, Thomas said, ‘’it’s a great family environment where your personal learning is really helped and encouraged.  There is lots of flexibility if you want to learn new things and your voice is always heard.  What I particularly enjoy about working for HB Tech is the larger responsibility you are given that you wouldn’t get at other companies.  Other places tend to be restrictive where you must stay within your defined role. HB Tech is quick to pick up on new technologies which in turn provides lots of scopes to learn interesting new things.  Oh and of course, in addition to always treating the employees well, we have a fantastic coffee machine which for me is a major plus point!’’

Asked what advice he would give to anyone thinking of a career at HB Tech? Thomas said ‘’do it, it is a brilliant place to work!  If you start a job at HB Tech I would advise, when it comes to doing your Tech role, never assume! If you don’t know the answer or you’re not 100 % sure, just ask.  It’s better to ask lots and get it right!  Other useful attributes would be willingness, being keen to be part of a team and an appetite to learn.  If I was going to sum up HB Tech in three words, they would be, Friendly – Supportive – Encouraging!’’

Outside of work Thomas enjoys ‘’taking part in lots of activities with exercise being my main passion.  I like to go to the gym several times a week.  I also have a keen interest in learning new technologies and computer programming’’

AT HB Tech we are a strong supporter of Apprenticeships, having apprentices since 2017. We appreciate the value they bring to both us as an employer and the employee. Carol Evan’s, Head Of Amazing said ‘’It’s a win-win for both parties. The individual gets practical hands-on experience whilst studying and earning a wage. The employer gets a well-trained, loyal employee who becomes even more valuable over time’’.  Asked, why did you decide to go down the apprentice route? Thomas said, ‘’I decided to go down this route because I heard a lot about the importance of getting industry experience. What I found was that doing a degree and working at the same time was going to provide a lot more experience, which is important, especially in the IT world where getting IT experience is vital’’

Employee development ranks high in HB Tech’s values with employees encouraged to build their Industry qualifications and experience.  Carol Evan’s, Head of Amazing said, ‘’when Thomas first started, he was given the opportunity to look at all aspects of IT that HB Tech support for its customers. This allows a wide breadth of choice for any areas of specialism that are of particular interest. Thomas’s curiosity was sparked with Microsoft 365 and cloud-based technologies. HB Tech supports people to follow a path of interest as this normally leads to greater engagement for the individual. In fact, Thomas is now our ‘go to’ person for all things Microsoft!’’

Asked what will you do once you finish your studies? Thomas said ‘’once I’ve finished my studies, I am looking forward to furthering my career at HB Tech and I’m going to continue building upon what I have learnt both at university and at work.  I am keen to further broaden my knowledge and experience and gain more accreditations in Industry-specific technologies’’

At HB Tech we are extremely proud of everything Thomas has achieved so far both within his role and at university.  We look forward to continuing his learning and development within HB Tech.

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