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Better Cyber Protection with N-Able EDR

Better Cyber Protection with N-Able EDR

Go beyond traditional antivirus software and protect yourself better against the latest Cyber Security threats.  EDR (endpoint detection and response) is a multifaceted solution that does everything traditional antivirus can do but takes things a step further – providing you with greater security and peace of mind.

Antivirus solutions have done a great job of helping keep small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) safe for many years.  However, the threat patterns are changing, and SMBs need a different type of protection to combat these increasingly sophisticated, severe attacks.  Here’s why: Antivirus solutions rely on signatures (a digital fingerprint) to detect threats, but many of the latest threats can’t be caught via signature-based protection – making it easy to slip through and enter your company’s networks undetected.

Product Summary

Traditional antivirus is an important tool in the defence against cyber attacks.  However, antivirus software does require regular virus signature updates.  The protection afforded by the program is only as good as the vendor’s updates.

New threats arise daily, and ensuring updates get pushed out in a timely fashion is a best-effort scenario.  Often, threats are discovered after the damage is done.

What is N-Able EDR?

EDR is a multifaceted solution that does everything antivirus software can do but more.  It is different because instead of relying on a signature database to identity threats, it monitors activity to recognize attacks as they develop and responds at machine speed.

EDR doesn’t need a virus to be identified, categorised, and given a signature.  In the rare event that a threat is successful, EDR isolates the threat to the affected machine to protect the network.

The software also includes a rollback facility to restore the machine to its pre-infected state.

Product Features

Help prevent Cyber Attacks
• Protect against the latest threats without waiting for
recurring scans or updates to definition signatures
• Respond to endpoint threats in near real-time

Detect threats with behavioural AI
• Easily determine how and when an attack began
• View summaries or detailed threat information from a
single dashboard

Effective response through automation
• Automate responses for quick threat containment
• Remediate attacks by reversing the effects
• Rollback attacks by replacing compromised files with
pre-attack healthy versions

Ready to choose the antivirus software that works for you?

To best protect against the latest Cyber Security threats, employing layered security is your best defence.

To find out more about how N-Able EDR can better protect your organisation, get in touch.

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