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Interview with Josh Lyden – ‘HB Tech Helpdesk Manager’

Interview with Josh Lyden – ‘HB Tech Helpdesk Manager’

Josh, our Helpdesk Manager joined the HBTech team in 2020. In this time, he has had nothing but positive praise from our clients with the common theme being he’s professional and always goes the extra mile to ensure problems are fixed. In this interview, we discuss all his journey with HB Tech and what advice he would give to anyone considering a career with HBTech.

Having always worked in customer service roles he loved meeting new people and the interaction that it brings. Asked what he liked about HB Tech when he first saw the job role, Josh said; ‘It seemed like a great opportunity and an exact match for what I was looking for. I immediately got a sense that there would be a strong team aspect and that it would be somewhere to grow and develop. Whilst looking at the HB Tech website what really stood out to me was how passionate and people-focused the company was and how proud they were about their client service provision’

So how did he feel when he first started? ‘Overwhelmed, but extremely welcomed and wanted.  HB Tech is very inclusive, and I immediately felt like a person who mattered. Learning the systems was a bit daunting but Trevor was very helpful. It took a while to get used to the clients and understand who was who, but the hands-on practical approach worked and was the best way to learn’.

A year in, how does he feel now about working for HB Tech? Josh said; ‘I feel that there is a massive difference between then and now with both my knowledge and confidence.  I am now very confident to deal with all the various helpdesk calls. I really enjoy chatting with the clients whilst sorting out problems, which is a skill in itself. Everyone in the HB Tech team is so supportive. Everything has exceeded my expectations and I am so glad I made the decision to join’.

Asked does the reality of working at HB Tech match your initial impression? Josh said; ‘it is spot on, particularly in how HB Tech values personal and professional development.  We are all learning something new every day and that is really inspiring’.

Asked what he is looking forward to going forward? Josh said; ‘I’m currently doing training courses for ESET and Safetica which I am thoroughly enjoying.  I am also looking forward to being involved with future projects. We will be taking on a new Helpdesk Technician, so I am looking forward to being able to support and mentor this new person’

Asked ‘what would you say to anyone considering a career at HBTech?’ Josh said; ‘you won’t regret it. Not only is everyone here so welcoming, helpful, and friendly, but it is a place to develop your career. If you want to always be learning something new and be part of a supportive and dynamic team, this is the company for you!’

At HBTech we are a friendly and experienced team who are proud to deliver exceptional IT support in Hampshire. We follow our values every day to provide the best client experience and are passionate about creating a positive workplace for our employees to be amazing.

If you are considering a career at HBTech we would love to hear from you.  Visit our Careers page to find out more about working for HBTech and our current vacancies.

Don’t let bad technology ruin your day. HBTech provides IT support in Southampton and across Hampshire to ensure your business stays online when it matters.